Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 3, 2012

Hey Everyone,
Hows everyone doing? Sorry i didnt write to you yesterday but as you
can probably guess i got transfered and had to travel a lot yesterday
so i didnt really have time. But right now im in downtown, Tucuman.
Which is awesome, im also senor companion right now which is a little
weird but so far everything is going good. My companions name is Elder
Nieto from Chile. I dont really have a lot of time to write but just
so you know im still alive and everything is going good, we have a
really cool apartment right now were on the top floor of an apartment
building in the middle of the city. ill see if i can send you pics the
next monday. Im just glad im here when its starting to get cold
because Tucuman is known for its humitidy but luckly it hasnt been to
bad. Well have a good week ill write more to you next week. Love you
Elder Thompson

March 26, 2012

So hows everything going? That sounds awesome that you got to do an activity with the special needs ward. And tell parker to keep up the missionary work. And dad, although it was fun to shave the pigs, i cant say im going to miss it too much this year. Well this last week went pretty good, weve been teaching cristian, the brother of Luciano, and weve been struggling a little with him to go to church and read the book of mormon. But finally this week he read like 14 chapters in the book of mormon which was awesome and he told us when he was reading he kept wanting to read more. Which was awesome to see him start to gain a testimony then on sunday we had fast and testimony meeting which was perfect for him, but he took off right after church so we havent got a chance to talk with him so today were gonnna pass by and see how it went for him. Then weve also been teaching this family that we found a couple weeks ago and the two younger boys are already going to seminary everyday and progressing a ton. And one of them told us he wants to go on a mission too and he also wants to go with us to help teach lessons. Were also going to be working alot this week with the family we found last week(the vivera family) in the street that listened to missionaries before but couldnt get baptized,  because they had to move, unfortunatley its really hard to find them in their house because there always doing something. And this weekend´s going to be awesome because we always tell our investigators that we have a prophet and apostles in our church and finally theyll be able to listen to him speak this weekend. So we had a really good last week as well. And right now Elder Silva and I are hoping that we get to stay togething another transfer cause we have transfers this next week so well see how that goes as well. Well thanks for everything you´ve done for me and have a good week.
Elder Thompson

March 19, 2012

How´s everyone doing? Well it sounds like everyone spent the week in
Vegas, i dont even feel like i know what time of the year it is
anymore. I cant believe you already had spring break, the year is
passing by way fast. But ya i would say the mission can be very
stressful depending on your situation. For example if your in an area
that doesnt have success for a long time and with a comp that you dont
get along with. But as far as my mission i havent had really any major
problems with any of my comps. and it hasnt been physically hard for
me either maybe on the days where im sick. Well ya and as far as the
food goes im a lot less picky now compared to how i used to be, so the
food isnt really a problem for me either i guess im just lucky they
dont know what pickles are here, that might´ve been a problem but
luckly they dont have them here.
Well last week went pretty good for us here. One thing that happened
was during the week we did divisions one day and while i was in my
area i remembered some kids in the street, the other day, that we
started talking to. So we passed by there house and i started talking
with the older sister who told us they had been listening to the
missionaries before and were going to get baptized but they had to
move because school was starting up, which i saw as a huge blessing
that we could find them and we also started talking with a neighbor
that lives in front so we´ll be passing by them too. Then the cool
thing that happened was that Danilsa and Cinthia got baptized on
saturday and the font didnt fill up very much so we had to baptism
them in a little bit higher than knee high water, but luckly they were
both really small. We also had a stake conference on sunday and Elder
Arnold came and talked to all of our investigators right before. And
the investigators that we had there loved it, he talked about the plan
that God has for us in this life. Then in the stake conference he gave
an awesome talk he told a story about his mom who had problems talking
growing up and had been praying to be healed so she could go on a
mission and her prayer wasnt answered until she was actually in the
mission field. And then he went on to say that sometimes our prayers
arent answered until years after, once we show that we are willing to
endure. So it turned out to be a really good week. And right now im in
a trio of companions for the next two day because the other Elder in
our house, Elder Mason, his companions just got transfered to another
place this morning because he´s going to be training so until his
companion gets here on wednesday hes going to be with us. Well thanks
for everything i love you all and have a good week.
Elder Thompson

March 12, 2012

Hows everyone going? Well sounds like everyones good and still doing school. School just started here like a week ago and now all the buses we take are super crowded, today me and my comp. were practically hanging out the door. But the good news is i the weather is starting to cool down a little bit here. Well last week went pretty well, we recieved a lot of blessings. first off, we found a new family that is awesome they went to church on sunday and this morning the son went to seminary, and did i mention we had to pass by his house at 5:30 in the morning so its pretty cool that hes really interested in learning more. Another cool thing that happened was we were walking in the street to an appointment last week and a guy sitting on the side of the street asked us if we could give him a prayer so we went over and found out his been trying to stop drinking and doing drugs for a while so we taught him a little bit about the word of wisdom and left him with the pamphlet and we passed by a couple days latter and he told us someone offered him drugs yesterday and he felt like it was the first time he could say no. Then we also ran into a family that we´d taught earlier but they moved up north for the winter break and recently came back and they all wanted us to keep teaching them, even though its a little hard at times cause theres a lot of little kids, but then they all went to church together on sunday which was awesome to see the whole family together in church. Its such a cool thing to see the gospel affect whole familys and see them progress together in the gospel. Well i hope you all have a good week.

Elder Thompson

March 5, 2012

Hows everyone doing? Well dad i cant believe you spent your whole trip in Hawaii reading books, but i guess if thats what you like to do. Thats cool you ran into someone from Mendonza, did you try talking spanish with her? Today we found a resturant with food from all over the world and it was all you can it, i must say i miss chinese food.  Well this last week we had some problems with water. First off the water stoped working in our bathroom so we ended up having to shower with buckets of water from the sink, so i had to take some pretty cold showers the last couple of days, but everything is back to normal now. Then on saturday we had a baptism so we filled up the font on friday and it was all full by friday night... then when we passed by saturday morning someone had passed by the church and drained all the water. But it turned out all right we ended up using another chapel in Salta so it all worked out fine. So thats the good news of this week  we had a baptism! And right now were working with the family of the girl who just got baptized and there all really good. Her dad has already read all the pamplets that we have and is even reading the book of mormon a little. And her two little sisters have been going to church the past two weeks and are really awesome. Weve also been working with the brother and sister of Luciano who are doing awesome too, Luciano told us hes never seen his brother wake up so early on sunday to go to church with us. Well i got to go now but thanks all the support.
Elder Thompson

February 27, 2012

How´s everyone doing? Well thats good you guys made it to hawaii safe.
I cant believe DH lost to hurricane in the finals. Well last week went
pretty good, we´ve been really busy here. First off i found a place
that sells twix´s, but the bad news is i think me and my comp bought
them all out so hopefully they get more. But as far as the work goes
right now were teaching a family that is friends with the Rios family,
and they love the values that our church has for their daughters and
are really interested in learning more. But ya the name of the family
is the Ruiz family and two of the daughters went to church with us and
they also brought another friend with them. But ya one thing i like
about switching up comps. is the new things you learn from every comp.
But so far everything is going good with me and Elder
Silva, he is a really energetic elder and hes a hard worker, which is
one thing i think
ive been blessed with, hard working comps. But its also good cause my
spanish is getting better everyday with him. well unfortunatley its still
hot here, im hoping it will start cooling down soon but i guess it
could be worse. A cool thing that we had happen to us this week is we
had a lesson with a lady weve been teaching but we cant teach females
unless we have a man present with us, but right before we went to her
house we stoped by the church to go to the bathroom and a
member walked in right after us ready to go to lessones with us and i
guess our mission leader told him, he was going to go to lessons with
us like a week before and we didnt know about it, but we just happened
to pass by right when he
did so we were able to go teach the lady. Other than that everythings
going good, thanks for everything you guys do.
Elder Thompson

February 20, 2012

Hows everyone doing? Well first off today we had transfers and my comp. left so now i have a new one, Elder Silva, from Peru. So ya thats whats new here and i also got your package today so thanks for the package and card. Other than that everythings going good here. It sounds like parkers and chases teams are doing good, and after all that time chase is finally switching to soccer i thought hed do it sooner. But anyways hows papa doin?
Well last week i got a little sick but other than that me and Elder Rose had a good last week together, first off one of the recient converts that weve been teaching introduced us to her friend and so now weve started to teach her family which is the best feeling to be teaching a family together about the gospel. Then we also recieved a reference from other elders of a couple and so we went and taught them about how they can live with there family forever, and it was a really spiritual and awesome lesson but the problem is the husband is looking for a job and so they might have to move so that he can work so im praying so that they can stay here. Then in the end of the week it got a little crazy because that new family that weve been teaching decided to get baptized last saturday so we went to fill up the baptism font but the water stopped coming out, so we ended up having to move it to the stake center in Salta, but the good news is everything turned out good. Then on sunday i had to give a talk in church, and i found out im the opposite from what i used to be before it was hard to give a long talk now its hard to give a short one. So this week we got to keep working hard to find people so we can keep the cycle of baptisms going.So be praying that we can find new people this week. Well thanks for everything and have fun in hawaii, if its posible. Love you all

Elder Thompson